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Registration Fee : Rs. 2500 per participant
( To be paid online at the time of registration )

  • The registration fee of Rs. 2500 per participant is to be paid.
  • Incase of bulk registration of 3 and more participants, a registration fee of Rs.2500 per participant is to be paid, the excess charge of Rs. 300 per participant will be reimbursed during workshop.
  • The registration fee is inclusive of material expenses, millet-based organic lunch, snacks and refreshment.
  • The registration fee paid online is a one time deposit which is non refundable on cancellation of registration.
  • Participants are required to verify their ID upon arrival.
  • Participants are required to maintain good conduct and decorum during the workshop.
  • Further instructions that are to be followed during the workshop will be intimated after the arrival of the participant/team.
I have read and accepted the instructions stated above.
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